We always need volunteers to help at our driving sessions and also to look after the ponies on a daily basis.

Many of our current volunteers have more than one role. Our Group Organiser, Sarah, is also a carriage driving coach, trustee and is on the daily feed rota. Colin and Peter, two of our minibus drivers, also cycle on our driving days and help with field clearing one day a week. Colin also looks after our website. Other volunteers aren't available on driving days but their help is crucial in looking after the ponies on other days.

For further information see our How to help page or to find out what's involved, please contact us.

We have eight qualified carriage driving coaches who accompany our drivers:


AngAngCoach AngelaAngelaCoach LizLizBrigidBrigidAngieAngie

Here are some more of our volunteers:

Sue cycling with Ellie and DanielSue R cycling with Ellie and DanielTony holding AlbertTony H holding Albert

Sue F cycling with Sarah and ReshmaSue F cycling with Sarah and ReshmaPeter, Colin, Ellie and Marion with CasperPeter, Colin, Ellie and Marion with Casper

Swimathon TeamSwimathon TeamTony, Colin and Peter - our minibus driversTony, Colin and Peter - our minibus drivers