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The Group returned to Windsor Home Park after a three year gap and had a fabulous day. It was a new experience for Sweet Pea and some participants and volunteers too. Thanks to all our volunteers who worked really hard on a very hot day.

After our drives we had a picnic lunch at The Royal Household Cricket Club, Windsor Castle - thanks so much to them for hosting us. As ever, there was a lot of cake with a lovely birthday cake made by Jo to celebrate Daniel's 30th birthday, a fabulous 'Blue' cake made by Kayleigh and a delicious chocolate cake made by Maria. Just as well we had lots of people to help eat them - and doggy bags!

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Here's a few more photos of the picnic.

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Santa made an early visit to our Christmas party! We were in the barn this year - freezing cold but very festive with a dusting of snow. Santa used his alternative sleigh and Blue stepped in so the reindeer had a day off. Santa gave out presents and Sally presented long service certificates to some of the volunteers. We had our usual raffle with Daniel drawing the winning tickets - everyone went home with a prize. Thanks to Father Christmas and his elves, everyone else who helped and especially to Jo for the mountain of delicious cakes and endless hot tea.

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Sweet Pea joined the group in September 2021. Although she was an RDA driving pony already, she needed to get used to us, our carriage and driving routes before she could be assessed to drive with our group. She's an absolute star and bound to be popular with all our participants. 

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The group had a very successful day at the races raising money in a bucket collection. Thanks to the collectors - Tony, Julie, Becky, Amanda, Rose, Mads and Sarah - and to Ascot Racecourse for giving us the opportunity to do the collection.


Our new pony, Sweet Pea, has arrived and is getting to know everyone, including Blue.

Albert has now retired and gone to join his old friends Major and Casper at the Horse Trust in Speen.  He must be settling in as he's already been described as 'Adorable Albert' on Facebook!

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