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After spending 10 years as a much loved RDA pony, Major has now retired to the Horse Trust. Four other RDA ponies have retired at the same time so hopefully he will soon make new friends and enjoy a long and happy retirement.

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Kate B's lovely son Phil is raising money for two charities near and dear to his heart - the Motor Neurone Disease Association and our group. If you would like to find out more and support him, please use the link below:
  • Phil-Fundraiser


Although they are missing driving and seeing all their human friends, the ponies are being very well looked after and going out for walks instead of drives. Blue is having lunging lessons too and did some filming for us wearing a Go-pro! Thanks to all the volunteers on the feed rota who are working hard to ensure the ponies stay happy and healthy.

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Here are a couple of videos that Blue took - one of a trot up the hill and another of him weaving through the chicane of logs that are there to stop people driving through the park.

We returned to Camberley Cricket Club for our Christmas lunch this year.  Stuart and Sue were our caterers yet again and we had another delicious meal.

Forty-three people attended, including special guests Jacqui Greet from Ascot Racecourse, Anne Coney from RDA South Region and Alan Carr, a co-founder of The War Horse Memorial.

Some drivers were presented with certificates for completing the 50km challenge, some volunteers received long service certificates and Daniel who drives and volunteers got both!

We had our usual fundraising raffle and there were so many prizes this year that everybody went home with at least one.

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rda logo 50The group had a very successful day at the races with many participants and volunteers raising money in a bucket collection.

Many thanks to Ascot Racecourse for giving us the opportunity to do the collection during the RDA 50th Anniversary Celebration Week and for their generous hospitality on the day, including afternoon tea in a box and a chat with jockey Ryan Moore.

It was good to be joined by our special guests Ed Bracher and Caroline Ward from RDA National Office and Frances Lochrane, our Regional Chair.

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There are lots more photos in the gallery (2019 Ascot Racecourse Collection) kindly provided by Karlene Laycock (

Here's a link to an article on the Ascot Racecourse website:


rda logo 50Across the UK RDA groups are celebrating 50 years of providing therapy through horses!

We joined in the celebrations with a Golden Day - a picnic drive followed by tea and cakes including a magnificent golden cake made by Jo. The ponies joined in wearing golden rosettes and ribbons in their manes and tails.

We were joined by some of our longstanding supporters from Ascot Racecourse, including some of the team that recently painted our barn, the Crown Estate, Ascot Rotary Club, the War Horse Memorial and the livery yard.

Nick Smith from Ascot presented rosettes to every team member for completing the 50km challenge and a special certificate and gift to Janet - the first individual participant to achieve the 50km target.

Bob Oliver from Ascot Rotary Club presented Sarah with a cheque for £350 to assist with the purchase of a new harness for Blue.

Peter made some lovely keyrings to give to our guests.

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