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The Group now has a Facebook Page to help us publicise what we do more widely, especially with all the events we are planning to attend this year.

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RDA 50 YearsRDA is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2019. We will be holding some themed events during the year and will be tracking the distances driven by our drivers, coaches and ponies to see who can drive 50 Kilometres during the season.
The results so far are shown below:

Our Group has been very fortunate to be chosen as one of the beneficiary charities of The War Horse Memorial. 

The War Horse Memorial is a permanent tribute dedicated to the millions of UK, Allied and Commonwealth horses, donkeys and mules lost, and the immeasurable contribution they made, during The Great War of 1914-18.  Poppy, the larger than life bronze War Horse, is situated in Ascot and was unveiled in June 2018. The Memorial forms a catalyst for an on-going fundraising campaign to support military and equine charities.

The War Horse Memorial made a very generous donation which completed our fundraising for Blue's new carriage. Alan Carr MBE, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of The War Horse Memorial, visited us on 5 February to see the new carriage and present the cheque.

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Here are some pics of the ponies enjoying(!) the snow with Albert taking the covered option for his breakfast. Cold day for the helpers too.

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Following the success of last year's party we returned to Camberley Cricket Club for our Christmas lunch this year.  Stuart and Sue were our caterers yet again and we had another delicious meal.

Thirty-six people attended, including lots of new faces, plus special guests Ann Seth's daughter Lorraine with her husband Mike and Alan Carr, a co-founder of The War Horse Memorial. Mike presented the group with a donation from his employers, Ceramex, and Janet presented the group with a donation from the Silverlining Charity - many thanks to them. 

We had our usual fundraising raffle and there were so many prizes that just about everybody went home with one.

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Lots of tinsel, antlers, festive hats and outfits for our last drive of the year.  Thanks to Jo for yet more delicious cakes and mince pies.

A cycling elf kept photo-bombing the pictures!

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