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Here are some pics of the ponies enjoying(!) the snow with Albert taking the covered option for his breakfast. Cold day for the helpers too.

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Following the success of last year's party we returned to Camberley Cricket Club for our Christmas lunch this year.  Stuart and Sue were our caterers yet again and we had another delicious meal.

Thirty-six people attended, including lots of new faces, plus special guests Ann Seth's daughter Lorraine with her husband Mike and Alan Carr, a co-founder of The War Horse Memorial. Mike presented the group with a donation from his employers, Ceramex, and Janet presented the group with a donation from the Silverlining Charity - many thanks to them. 

We had our usual fundraising raffle and there were so many prizes that just about everybody went home with one.

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Lots of tinsel, antlers, festive hats and outfits for our last drive of the year.  Thanks to Jo for yet more delicious cakes and mince pies.

A cycling elf kept photo-bombing the pictures!

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Many thanks to Vivien Benn at the Post Office and General Store in Windsor Great Park for hosting one of our collection boxes.

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Since we were unable to take the ponies on our visit to Home Park this year, we decided to have another picnic drive - this time based at our HQ.  It was a lovely day with a very good turnout of members who enjoyed lots of local drives and plenty of time sitting in the sunshine chatting, enjoying the picnic and Jo's delicious bakes (banana and pineapple cake, spiced apple muffins, granola bars and bread pudding - how lucky are we?!).

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Many thanks to the hard working volunteers at Sunningdale 'Party in the Park'. We had a stall to promote our charity and took one of the carriages so that people could see what it was like and how the wheelchairs fitted. We ran a competition to name our training pony - the winning name was 'Morning Glory'.

Many thanks to the Bracknell News for allowing us to use their photo of the team and 'Morning Glory', which was taken by Paul Johns.

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