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Many congratulations to Liz, Ang and Angela who all passed their RDA Carriage Driving Coach assessment test. It was very well deserved after all their hard work. We're looking forward to seeing our new coaches in action over the next few weeks.

New coaches

The Group had its annual visit to Windsor Home Park.  We were lucky with the weather again (mostly!) and had five great drives by the river and a picnic at the cricket pavilion.

Thanks to Daniel for bringing a cake to celebrate his birthday and to Jo for bringing even more cakes!

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Our new pony, Blue has arrived and here he is saying hello to Janet.

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The Group enjoyed a delicious summer lunch hosted by Masa.  It was a lovely summer's day so we were also able to enjoy Masa's beautiful garden in the sunshine.

Many thanks to Masa for her generous hospitality.

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Casper set off today for the next phase of his life.  We're very pleased that he is going to spend his retirement at the Horse Trust at Speen, which is a lovely place and we're sure he'll be very happy there. He already seems to have made friends with Hamish. It will make a change for Casper to be the biggest pony in his group!

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We said a very sad farewell today to Casper our lovely Shetland pony.  He has been with the group since 2003 and has been a wonderful driving pony, much loved by everyone.  We had a retirement party with tea and cakes and tissues for the inevitable tears. 

As a wonderful surprise, Nikki commissioned Chris Meredith, a poet, to write a poem reflecting Casper's life with the group and how much he means to us all.  Chris came and read the poem to us, which is shown below. Here's a link to Chris's published poems: Words of My Life

The good news is that Casper is going to the Horse Trust at Speen where he will be very well looked after and where we will be able to visit him.

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© Chris Meredith 2017

He was found in a garden shed, unloved and neglected

An unwanted gift, full of lice and unprotected

Taken in and cared for by the British Horse Society

And loaned to our group in 2003


He has spent fourteen years with us, everyone a joy

He treats us all the same - whether you are man, woman, girl, or boy

He is only 10 hands high but his heart is bigger still

He is stoic and gentle and possesses a competitive will


He has been driven by wheelchair members on the Ascot Racecourse

Mingled with Royalty though a pony, not a horse

He is patient, gentle and kind to the vulnerable and disabled

For him they are all the same - not people to be labelled


He is a grey Shetland pony with a heart of gold

And soon he will be retiring as he is getting old

His aches and pains will welcome the chance to rest

Then he can look back at a life with us that was cherished and blessed


Once at Speen he will no doubt find a favourite post

Then he will rub his face on it and scratch his itchy nose

It is not goodbye, he is only up the road, not very far

So please go and visit him, our retiring, handsome Casper!