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We held our AGM on 14 February. It was lovely to see everybody again after the winter break and to catch up over a cup of tea and some of Jo's delicious cakes.  As part of the formal business Rebecca was elected as a Trustee.

We also welcomed our newest driver, Gilli, who's shown here with some of our most recent volunteers - Wendy, Angela, Liz and Jo.

Thanks to Frank for the photos.

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The Captains of Royal Ascot Golf Club have chosen us as one of their charities for 2017.  This is great news and we are very grateful for their support.  It's especially good as they are a very close neighbour and we can see the golf course from the ponies' paddock.

The Christmas lunch at the York Club was a great success with 42 people attending.  We had three competitions instead of a raffle, with Lynnette winning the star prize of Sea Biscuit and a bottle of champagne. Thanks to everyone who donated prizes.  If there had been a prize for best hat, Angela would definitely have been in the running! Thanks to Frank and Colin for the photos - more in the Photo Gallery.

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Some members of the Group were invited to 'meet and greet' the reindeer and other animals at Windsor Castle before the reindeer pulled Father Christmas through the streets in the annual Windsor Reindeer Parade.  Matthew and Dom rode a royal horse too.  Many thanks to Terry Pendry, the Queen's Stud Groom, for inviting us.

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We had a beautiful sunny day for our last drive of the year.  Everyone enjoyed the cone course followed by Jo and Rebecca's delicious cakes and mince pies.

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The Group had its annual visit to Windsor Home Park.  We were lucky with the weather again and had four great drives by the river and a picnic at the cricket pavilion.

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