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rda logo 50Across the UK RDA groups are celebrating 50 years of providing therapy through horses!

We joined in the celebrations with a Golden Day - a picnic drive followed by tea and cakes including a magnificent golden cake made by Jo. The ponies joined in wearing golden rosettes and ribbons in their manes and tails.

We were joined by some of our longstanding supporters from Ascot Racecourse, including some of the team that recently painted our barn, the Crown Estate, Ascot Rotary Club, the War Horse Memorial and the livery yard.

Nick Smith from Ascot presented rosettes to every team member for completing the 50km challenge and a special certificate and gift to Janet - the first individual participant to achieve the 50km target.

Bob Oliver from Ascot Rotary Club presented Sarah with a cheque for £350 to assist with the purchase of a new harness for Blue.

Peter made some lovely keyrings to give to our guests.

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Great to have two teams of office and maintenance staff from Ascot Racecourse painting our barn doors and windows. A brilliant job - the barn is transformed!
Thanks to all the hard working painters and to Jacqui and Angela for organising it all.


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In preparation for the Group's annual visit to Windsor Home Park we had to have our flatbed trailer serviced and repaired. 

Many thanks to Alex and the staff at Berkshire County Trailers who did a great job for us at no cost - they even repainted the trailer, which is unrecognisable now. Their generosity is really appreciated.

Here's the flatbed with the carriages loaded ready for the picnic drive.

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The Group had its annual visit to Windsor Home Park.  We were lucky with the weather this year and had lots of drives by the river and a picnic at the cricket pavilion.  It was great to see lots of new faces.

Thanks to Jo for bringing lots of delicious cakes!

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The Group had a stall at the Windsor and Eton Rotary Fayre in Alexandra Gardens on the hottest day of the year. 

We had a prize draw with people choosing a new name for our training pony - the winning name that was drawn out of the hat was Snowdrop!  The winner received a voucher for a Horse Drawn Carriage Tour of Windsor Great Park, generously donated to the Group by Windsor Carriages

We also had a wire loop game, designed and built by Peter, where people had to guide a metal loop around a pony's head.  This proved very difficult for most people so we only had one winner all day!

Jo also baked some delicious cakes to sell on the stall.

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Several members of the group went to visit the Horse Trust in Speen where Casper is enjoying his retirement.  Unfortunately, Casper ignored his visitors but Walter was much more sociable and former Windsor Grey Daniel said hello to our Daniel.  Everybody dried out in the Black Beauty Tea Room over tea and cake.

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