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Casper joined the parade at the start of the 4th annual Cancer Research UK Relay For Life at Ascot race course. 2011 marks the 300th anniversary of Ascot Race Course so the parade had a historical theme with Maureen Kemp, a member of the Group, dressed as Queen Anne leading the parade. It was a very wet day!

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Two members of the Group took part in the Warfield Show, the only disabled driving group in three classes. We were helped by our usual wonderful team. Kate, with Sally as one RDA whip in the first class and Maddie in the other class, drove really well in both and was complimented on her driving by the judge.

Rebecca, accompanied by Sarah drove the concours d’elegance class and was well placed in the line up, though the field was very rough and the grass came up to the floor of the carriage!

Both turnouts looked really smart and of course, our pony, Casper, was a real star, behaved beautifully and looked persil white. The whole day was most successful with happy faces and all home by 2pm.

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More photos in the Photo Gallery.

Casper, our Shetland pony driven by Kate with Sally as the RDA Whip, competed in the disabled class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. Ellie was in attendance as Groom – keeping Casper in check!

This class was divided into two sections – the first being about driver ability, turnout etc and the second part of the class being the tricky cones. There were 13 entries and we were placed fifth in the first section, which was a great achievement! Kate drove extremely well and Casper was angelic.

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh watched the competition and later Sally, Kate and Ellie enjoyed a chat with him. He thought Casper looked like he was asleep!

Many thanks to Frank Rainsborough, our official photographer at the show. More photos in the Photo Gallery.

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