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We had two entries in the disabled class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year with Jenna, our newest member, and Albert, our bay pony, both competing for the first time. Albert was driven by Kate with Maddie as the RDA Whip and Jan in attendance as Groom. Jenna drove Casper, our Shetland pony, with Sally as the RDA Whip and Ellie in attendance as Groom.

As usual, the class was divided into two sections – the first being about driver ability, turnout etc and the second part of the class manoeuvring through the cones. The ponies looked very smart, the carts and harness were gleaming and everyone was beautifully turned out. Kate, Maddie and Jan were dressed “country style” to match their cart and looked splendid.

Kate and Albert came third in both classes and Jenna and Casper were fourth so a great result.

Prince Philip came into the ring and had a chat with everyone – he even remembered that Casper had gone to sleep in the previous year.

Thanks to Frank Rainsborough and Ellie for the photos. There are more photos in the Photo Gallery.

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Waitrose in Sunningdale chose the group as one of their charities of the month and we received a cheque presented by Russ Abbott.
Many thanks to Waitrose and all the customers who voted for us.

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The Christmas lunch at the York Club was a great success with 43 people attending. We had the usual magnificent spread with all the traditional Christmas favourites followed by lots of delicious desserts.

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The Group were privileged to meet and talk with Paralympics champion and triple gold medallist Sophie Christiansen. She was the first person to win three Gold medals at the 2012 Paralympics.

Sophie told the group that the RDA gave her the opportunity to ride from an early age and helped to develop her riding skills. She brought her three Gold medals with her and everyone had the opportunity to hold them. She did get them all back at the end of the meeting.

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Our display of driving at Ascot made the local paper.

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We were asked by the British Equestrian Federation to give a display on behalf of the RDA at the Quipco Champions raceday meeting at Ascot. Here we are crossing the course to and from the Old Paddock.

Ann drove with Sally as RDA whip, Brigid as commentator and Ellie as groom.

Frankel may have won his historic 14th and final race but Casper was just as impressive on the day!

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